About Boaterpal

The goal of BoaterPal is to give out helpful information that boaters can use to be better, safer, and to have much more fun on the water. I know being a new boat owner is difficult, but my website will help, I promise.

About Me

Hi, my name is Sam. Growing up, I have been fortunate enough to experience boating in so many different shapes and forms. Whether it was a Jon boat, pontoon boat, muscle boat, wake boat, jet ski, and even a 40-foot cruiser, I’ve experienced a lot.

I’ve also started a boat detailing company, cleaning and waxing small 20-foot dingies all the way up to 55-foot mega yachts.

I love sharing all the information I’ve learned to help all kinds of boat owners out.

I have a few other websites as well called Sustainablybe.com, snorkeloasis.com, and Petpigpal.com.