Bass Boat vs. Deep V: Which Is Better For You?

There are two kinds of bass boats, the regular bass boat, and the deep V bass boat. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for you? The right answer can completely depend on what kind of fisherman you are, where you fish, and how much you fish.

What’s the difference between a bass boat and a deep V?

Regular bass boats are much lower to the water than a deep V boat. The bow of a deep V has a V shape, while a regular bass boat is much flatter. Also, the deck of a bass boat is raised to the edges, while a deep V has higher edges that rise above the deck.

Why the shape and design matter

The shape and design of a bass boat and a deep V are different because they are made for different kinds of fishermen. The V shape in a deep V will be better in rough water because it will cut through the waves. The flat shape in a regular bass boat will keep it more steady when your not moving.

Also, when driving a regular bass boat in rough conditions, the flat hull may cause water to splash over the top and get you soaked.

The higher sides that a deep V has will make it catch more wind, which causes it to drift more on the water or more work for the electric trolling motor. The low sides on a bass boat can cause waves to go over the top into your boat. Also, it’s much easier to fall out on accident.

Pros and cons of both boats

Regular bass boat

  • More stable at rest then a deep V bass boat
  • More deck space
  • More compartment storage
  • Lower to the water
  • Wind doesn’t make them drift much
  • Makes you feel like your fishing on the water rather than in a boat
  • Handles poorly in big waves
  • You get sprayed by water when driving in waves
  • Have to go slower in big waves than a deep V
  • The flat deck can be dangerous for young children falling off
  • Not really meant for more than two people

Deep V boat

  • More stable when driving than a regular bass boat
  • Handles better in rough conditions
  • Cuts through the waves, which allows you to go faster in rough conditions
  • Easier to fit multiple people on board
  • Easier to add rod holders and downriggers for trolling
  • More versatile for fishing multiple species
  • Better for tubing and watersports
  • Safer for children (they won’t fall off the edge)
  • High sides catch the wind causing the boat to drift more
  • You’ll need to use the electric trolling motor more to keep you from drifting
  • Usually has less compartment storage than a regular bass boat
  • Less stable when your not moving

How can you find out which boat is better for you?

Personally, I like regular bass boats because of how it feels like your fishing on the water instead of on a boat. Many people actually don’t like this, though, and prefer a more boat-like feel. Also, Not everyone likes that one false step could send you into the water because there are no edges on a bass boat to stop you.

Are you a small or big lake fisherman?

Smaller lake fisherman might benefit more from regular bass boats because they don’t have to deal with large waves even when the wind is blowing. A regular bass boat hull is much lower and closer to the water than a deep V. This causes less wind to affect regular bass boats while their floating.

A deep V would drift around in the water a lot more because the higher hull would catch more wind. When waves aren’t a problem, such as in small lakes, it can be pretty annoying, and your electric motor will have to do a lot more work to keep you from drifting.

When waves are a problem, such as on bigger lakes, it will be better to have a deep V than a regular bass boat. This is because regular bass boats don’t handle very well when the waves are big. I’ve seen one completely submarine in Lake Michigan before.

A deep V bass boat allows you to cut through the waves, which makes it more stable, and lets you go much faster when it’s rough. Also, the higher hull will prevent waves from going over the sides.

Are you into trolling or fishing for other species than bass?

Trolling will be much better on a deep V boat. Rod holders and downriggers are much easier attached to deep V boats than bass boats. A deep V is sometimes even known as a multi-species fishing boat because of how versatile it is.

Regular bass boats are made for pretty much for catching bass and only bass. I’m sure trolling rod holders and downriggers are possible, but it would take a lot of DIY and customization to make them possible.

Do you want to take your family out on the water or do any watersports?

It’s much easier to use a deep V boat to take more than 2 people out. Deep V’s have more safe places to sit than most bass boats.

Sometimes deep V’s are called fish-n-ski boats because of how versatile they are. It’s much easier to set up a ski, tube, or even wakeboard behind a deep V than a bass boat. The higher stern on them allows for clips to be placed that allows you to attach ropes. Not all will have these clips, but many do.

The wake may not be the biggest, and it might not be the easiest, but wakeboarding and skiing are totally possible behind a deep V.

Do you need a lot of storage?

Bass boats will generally have more compartment storage than Deep V’s will. This is because of the space under the front and back deck. Deep V’s compartment storage is mostly just under the seats or in the hull.

A deep V will have plenty of storage for pretty much everyone, but if you are the kind of person that needs to take a lot of supplies and be able to grab them easily, a bass boat may be better for you.


Most new deep V boats will be around $20,000 to $30,000 for the base models. Some smaller ones in the 15 foot to 16 range only cost around $12,000 to $14,000.

Bass boats are split into two different categories, aluminum, and fiberglass. New Aluminum bass boats will be similar to deep V’s as they cost around $20,000 to $35,000. Fiberglass bass boats are much more expensive, costing around $27,000 to $75,000 brand new.

Used boats

I would recommend getting a used boat because of how much money you can save. You can find great deals on websites like Boat Trader, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Check out this fixer-upper deal I found on craigslist the other day below.

You can even find much newer used boats that are essentially the same thing as the newest model, but they are discounted greatly because they are used.

Even something from 2005 will be very similar to many of the boats put on the market today. Both of them will do essentially the same thing, but the older one will be much cheaper. And by the way, with a little more patients and searching, I’m sure you can find some better deals for boats similar to the one above.

Best brands for each boat

There are many good brands out there for both deep V and bass boats. Here are a few great bass boat brands:

Most of these brands offer both aluminum and fiberglass models.

Here are some great brands for deep V boats:

Which boat is better for tournament bass fishing?

When it comes to tournament bass fishing, most people are using bass boats. This is because they are better suited for bass fishing and only bass fishing. The disadvantage of having a deep V at a bass tournament is pretty much nothing, though.

You can easily take a deep V to a tournament and be just as competitive as everyone else. Bass boats are just for those who want every advantage possible or just love them. Many people prefer the feel of being on the water and more stability at rest with a bass boat, so those are the advantages.

Video of a bass boat in rough conditions

Bass boats can get through rough conditions, but sometimes it takes some skill from the driver to navigate correctly. Check out the video below to see what it’s like in rough waves and how to navigate through them.

Deep V boats are much easier, safer, and stable in rough conditions, but that doesn’t mean regular bass boats can’t get through rough conditions.