Cost To Rent A Boat (All Boat Types Included)

Have you been looking for a boat to rent but don’t know where to begin? Or have you already found the boat you want but don’t know how much the total will come out to be? Don’t worry, renting a boat has never been cheaper or easier! With the popularity of the internet, anyone looking to upgrade their weekend can head online and compare a boat load of options!

The price to rent a boat can vary depending on several different factors. The most decisive factor is obviously the boat itself, smaller speedboats are going to be a lot more affordable than a yacht. Another element to keep in mind is renting a captain, sailors and boaters can go without them, but it is said that guides can bring the most out of a boating trip and will probably know how to captain the boat better than you. With or without a guide, anyone renting a boat is set to have a great time!

Prices for renting different boats

Every boat is different, and every rental is different as well. Each boat serves a unique purpose and thus costs differently to rent. Below we will look at common ranges of fees for different types of boats. Price differences can happen due to the age of the boat, how big it is, brand, engine size, location it’s in, etc.

Boat TypePrice For 4 HoursLength
Jet Ski$150-$40010’
Fishing Boat$200-$90010’-20’
Ski boat$250-$60017′-25′
Wake boat$350-$75017′-25′
4 hours is known as a half day in boat renting

Additional information on rental boats by boat type

  • Jet Skis are fun and accessible for just about anyone. They’re almost always the cheapest watercraft to rent as they are the smallest and least expensive to maintain. You can usually find them on calmer waters as their smaller frames can’t take the same waves that bigger boats can. Some Jet Skis sit two while others sit three and passengers can expect speeds of up to 70 mph! Going that fast it’s always smart to wear a lifevest. According to, if you’re in Miami and want to rent your own Jet Ski it is going to cost you around $150 an hour.
  • Fishing boats are usually going to be the cheapest out of any boat to rent. They’re the easiest to manage and maintain, and just about every body of water you’d want to rent a boat for has fish for it. While there are thousands of different fishing boats to choose from, their variety does not have too large of a range. During the on-season, most fishing boats can be rented for around $200 an hour, with the largest and most expensive boats coming in close to $1,000 an hour. You won’t often find a fishing boat longer than about 20 feet or so either. If there was a gold standard for renting a boat, it would be the fishing boat!
  • Speedboats are another common watercraft to rent. So long as the body of water isn’t too choppy, just about anyone can rent a speedboat and zoom right along! Pricing is cheap and similar to fishing boats, you can rent a speedboat for as little as $300 for half a day. They’re mainly made for cruising along the water and partaking in activities such as tubing.
  • Powerboats are known to have large motors that are loud and fast. Powerboats are designed with racing in mind, engineers want seamen to be able to bank and turn on the water with real power. This force is why some powerboats can be seen with fees close to $3,000 per half day! If you want to impress, or scare, your friend with a loud and fast boat, the powerboat is the boat for you!
  • Pontoons are the first unique boat on our list, they’re not made for speed. You can find many pontoon boats for rent on the Florida coast and in freshwater lakes. This is because the pontoon is known as the party boat! Most pontoons have large, open areas for guests to relax and have fun on. Most other boats, namely the power and speed boats, are designed with speed in mind. The pontoon is different, it sacrifices aerodynamics for space and relaxation! You can find a cheaper pontoon to rent for close to $350 an hour and can expect to have about 20 feet of space to work with. If you’re heading to Lake Havasu for the weekend or just want a nice calm boat to cruise with, the pontoon is the boat to beat!
  • Catamarans are another very popular boat for partying. Catamarans are designed with two separate hulls that keep the boat from turning over. These hulls make this vessel a very smooth ride, perfect for cruising on the open ocean. Some even have glass floors, giving their passengers a never before seen look into the ocean floor! Most catamarans are going to be around 40 feet in length as well.
  • Yachts are the last type of rentable boat we will cover today, and for good reason: yachts exist in a league of their own. Even the smallest yachts (if you can call a yacht small) will cost you $3,000 for a half day. However, yachts generally have a captain on board and many luxuries such as food, beverages, planned activities, etc.

3 boat renting locations and their pricing

As mentioned above, there is a myriad of factors that go into deciding how much a boat costs to rent. One of the greatest contributing factors is location; where you want a boat matters. Starting with Alaska, we can use popular sites like to get a good idea of the market on their cold seas.


Average pontoon boat rental price: $400 for 4 hours

There are several different options for those looking for a boat. There are boats meant for adventuring, fishing, touring, and powerboating. Generally, fishermen can find fishing boats anywhere between $500-$750 for a day trip in Alaska. Renting a fishing boat is a little more expensive in Alaska because of how good the fishing can be!

Other boats aren’t going to be too far away in terms of pricing. Renting a sailboat for the day will run a sailor around $1,000, while a row boat can come as low as $100! This gives any water lover plenty of options when looking to rent a boat in Alaska


Average pontoon boat rental price: $350 for 4 hours

Another very popular location for boating is Florida. Florida has more docks and marinas than anybody could count. From Miami to Orlando to the Florida Keys, the southernmost state in the continental US has more water than most people have ever laid their eyes on.

Boat rentals can be pricier in Florida as well, depending on what you’re looking for. Powerboats are pretty common in the panhandle states, and a lot of visitors go to have a good time. If you’re looking to hit the water with some speed, you can expect to spend around $100 an hour.

One of the best parts about renting boats in Florida is the options, there are more than enough different types of boats out there for any occasion. The Catamaran is a perfect choice for anyone looking to lounge on the open seas, and in Florida, you can rent one for about $295 an hour.

Yachts are another popular option and renters can splash upwards of $350 to rent on for an hour. Crystal clear waters and cheap boat rental prices make Florida an attractive option for anyone looking to hit the sea.


Average pontoon boat rental price: $450 for 4 hours

As far as locations to rent a boat and enjoy the water, there are not many better than the great state of Hawaii. Hawaii boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it’s no surprise that they have a variety of rental options to choose from.

Catamarans are one of the most common ways to enjoy the ocean, and those looking to rent can expect to spend between $200-$350 for an hour. Renting a sailboat seems to be cheaper in Hawaii than the other two locations covered today as they can be rented for the low price of $195 an hour.

Hawaii has an impressive fleet to be rented, giving sailors the ability to choose the perfect boat for their unique situation. Before renting a boat in Hawaii, mariners need more than just money for a fee. The state of Hawaii requires that boaters have experience before they rent a boat.

This experience can either come in the form of ownership of another boat that is either longer than 20 feet or owned for more than a year or 100 hours of boating experience. These laws are put in place to give customers the ability to captain their own ships, giving them the best experience and absolute freedom!


If you’re intimidated by high rental prices and fees, don’t be. Renting a boat is simple and accessible to anyone over 18 with a love for the water. While some places are more expensive than others, boat prices remain similar all over America.

If you’re looking for a way to sail the seas on your own, you have options. From catamarans and yachts to fishing boats and jet skis, seafarers have a variety of different boats to choose from. Make your choice and rent a boat today!