Joining the Team (Terms & Conditions)

A. All articles written by the team member (you) are 85% owned by the member

The member will receive 85% of the revenue generated from each article they have written. This also includes if the team wishes to sell the website, the member will receive 85% of revenue from the selling price of their articles. 

B. The ad money a member makes is calculated by Ezoic Big Data Analytics

Members can see how much revenue they bring into the website via Author Metrics on Ezoic Big Data Analytics. Each member will receive a Big Data Analytics account after they have completed this contract and have made their first post on

C. Each member will get a team account with Amazon Associates and Skimlinks

Affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon Associates and Skimlinks (a network of 60,000+ affiliate programs) allow you to make money by sharing links on your blog posts. After you sign this contract, the website owner will make your account, and you will receive an email from the affiliate networks with further instructions on setting up your account.

D. Members will receive 85% of the affiliate money they make

Each member will receive an affiliate account with Amazon and Skimlinks (a network of 60,000+ affiliate programs). 85% of the revenue that they generate with these networks will be paid to them on a 30-day pay schedule. Meaning you will get paid within 30 days of the last day of the month.

E. The member has the right to see website analytics at any time

A member can contact the website owner and receive their analytics at any time. Analytics show how many viewers each member is bringing to the website. It also can show how much money each viewer is bringing to the website. 

At the end of every month, the website owner will also provide members with analytics via a monthly performance report. Performance reports are only given to members that generate over $20 in total income after the 15% fee.

Members will also be given an Ezoic Big Data Analytics account where they can see exactly how much money they are bringing into the website.

F. Members must write articles in the boating niche

You cannot write articles that have no relevance to boating. So examples of some things that would be acceptable are writing about anchors, kayaks, jet skis, lifejackets, etc. Things that would not be acceptable are cars, casinos, bikes, etc.

G. Members cannot use the platform to promote their own business through sponsor posts

Although members can link to other websites, they can not do so with the main focus on promoting that website (unless it’s with an affiliate link). If the website owner deems this as being the case, he has the right to edit the article and/or delete the article. If members promote their own website or another website, it must be so in an informational way and not in an endorsing way (unless it’s with an affiliate link).

H. Members must use legal images in their articles

Members cannot use copyrighted images on unless they have permission to do so. A stock image service will be provided to members upon request. However, this costs money to join (at the time of writing, it’s at $7 a month).

I. Members cannot use black hat or grey hat backlinking strategies

Boaterpal was created by using clean white hat strategies for receiving backlinks such as writing great original content, and posting studies and statistics. You cannot pay for backlinks including guest posting. If you want to guest post, it has to be from a related blog (such as a boating blog). Contact the website owner [email protected] if you plan on doing any guest posting.

J. Members cannot use AI or poor-quality content

Members can use AI to help structure their blogs, but if the blog was written with AI and was not edited by a human, it is subject to being deleted by the website owner. Also, if the content has a lot of grammar errors (use Grammarly), or is considered to be low-quality content by the website owner, it is subject to being edited or deleted. Low-quality content consists of putting no original content in your article and basically just rephrasing another person’s article. If you need help creating high-quality content, contact the website owner.

K. Members have the right to vote for the website to be sold after 80 articles

If a member has written over 80 articles and has brought in over 200,000 viewers total to the website, they have a right to vote on if the website should be sold or not. You must receive over 50% of the votes, and 5 (subject to change as more people join the group) or more people must be eligible to vote. The website owner receives just as much voting power as any eligible member. Voting can only happen once a year.

L. Members have the right to sell their articles with no requirements

If you want to sell your articles, but don’t/can’t/or lose voting selling the website, you can sell your specific articles with no restrictions. The best places to sell would be internally (either to other members or to the website owner). However, you can sell externally on websites such as Flippa (some restrictions will apply). After you sell your articles, you will not receive any more monthly income from them, but you will receive a payment of 85% of the selling price. If you want to sell your articles, you must contact the website owner [email protected] before doing so.

M. The website owner shall answer your questions and guide you to the best of his ability

Starting a blog is hard, so partnering up with others on a big website not only makes ranking easier, but it makes writing easier. So if a member needs any help, the website owner or employees are required to answer your questions to the best of their ability.

N. Members will receive payments through PayPal

The website owner will payout members via Paypal. If the member cannot make a Paypal, email [email protected] to figure out another way to receive your money. The minimum payout is $20 accumulated income that you have earned after the 15% fee.

O. Payments are conducted between the 1st and 31st of each month for the previous month’s revenue.

The website owner will payout members via Paypal by the end of the next month. This includes both revenue from ads and affiliate income.

P. Members can write as little or as much as they would like for the website

There are no article requirements. You are considered self-employed when writing on; therefore, you can work as much or as little as you would like. 

Q. Boaterpal is not responsible for doing team members’ taxes

Depending on which country you live in, the specific tax form you will need to follow in order to claim the income made on this website will differ (in the US it’s a 1040). However, Boaterpal nor its owner (Samuel R Limoni) is responsible for claiming your taxes.

R. Agreement Modifications

This Agreement is the entire agreement between the members and the website owner and may only be modified if the member and website owner agree on it. If you want to change anything on this contract, send the website owner an email, and he will consider your modification.

If you’re ready to join, please contact [email protected] and ask about joining the team.