Instructions On Getting Started

After you have signed the contract (receive the contract by emailing [email protected]), you will receive a few emails with instructions on how to get started. These emails will be sent within 3 working days. The first email will have instructions on how to login into your author account with The second email will be instructions on how to sign into your account with Amazon Associates. And the third email is for Skimlinks (another affiliate network).

Below I will walk through how to get started with each of these.

How to create your Boater Pal Author account

Soon after you sign the contract, you will receive an email that looks like this:

From there, follow the instructions on making a password and login in to your Boater Pal author account. You will eventually reach this page:

Click on posts in the top left and then click add new post. This is where you can start writing. You can either come up with a topic yourself or choose from a list of a ton of different article topics that will also be provided for you. If you need any help getting used to using the block editor, this video will help get you comfortable with it.

Setting up affiliate links

We use two different affiliate platforms Amazon associates and Skimlinks. To start, I recommend setting up your Amazon associates first as that is where most of your affiliate links will most likely come from.

Amazon Associates

After you have set up your author account, you can begin writing. However, if you want to make additional income with affiliate links, you’ll need to setup your affiliate accounts. After you sign the contract, you will receive another email from Amazon that looks like this:

Follow the instructions, and you will eventually reach this page:

Click on the Amazon associates logo on the top (what the red arrow is pointing to) and you will be brought to the dashboard.

Click around and get a feel for the dashboard. In order to make money, you will need to do product linking, which can easily be done through SiteStripe. SiteStripe allows you to go to a product on Amazon and quickly generate an affiliate link for it that you can put in your articles and make revenue from.

Very Important!

When you find a product that you want to make an affiliate link for, you need to choose your tracking ID from the list of tracking IDs. Your tracking ID will consist of your first name and a few random letters and numbers after it. A separate email will be sent to you from [email protected] that will tell you exactly what your tracking ID is.

After you select your tracking ID (don’t change store ID), select Get Link and a link will be generated. I recommend using the full link. Copy and paste this link into your article, and whenever a viewer clicks on this and buys anything on Amazon within 24 hours, you will be paid. Below is an example of what I do to make my affiliate links:

I selected my tracking code (samlimoni00-20) and then selected Get Link. After that, I chose Full Link. Copy and paste that link into your article and your all set.


Skimlinks is an affiliate network of 60,000+ different affiliate programs all packed into one network. A few great affiliate programs that I use with Skimlinks is Cabela’s and West Marine. If you want to sign up with this affiliate program, email [email protected] asking to have an account set up.

You can see all the affiliate programs on the Skimlinks network by clicking here.

Signing into Ezoic Big Data Analytics account

After you sign the contract and make your first blog post, you will receive an email from [email protected] that will give you your Ezoic Big Data account login. This will give you your analytics for how many viewers you are bringing to the website and how much ad revenue you make. All of the data from Ezoic Big Data does not include the 15% fee, so make sure to account for that when looking at your analytics.

Instructions on how to navigate through Big Data Analytics will be given via email as well.